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Menstrual Equity Training

Become an LYM Menstrual Equity Trainer

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Past Trainings

Current Trainings

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In honour of International Day of the Girl, this week Love Your Menses hosted a free Menstrual Awareness and Wellness Training in Nairobi in 2022. Over 70 community educators from across Kenya joined us for this amazing experience as we discussed menstrual management, period poverty, and how we can all be menstrual equity advocates in our communities. From the USA to Kenya, we were able to build a sisterhood. 💜


Thank you to our guest speakers, Dr Phylisters Daizy Matula and Winny Obure.
Special thanks to the LYM team: Dr Ebere Azumah, Bria Gadsden, Fabienne Eliacin, Fatoumata Konate, James Gitari, and Briston Barasa.

Menstruation is increasingly recognized as an issue in domestic and global public health. Menstrual cycles have not stopped during the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, period poverty — the inability to afford menstrual products — has increased as job insecurity, homelessness, and food insecurity continue to rise. There is a growing menstrual equity movement in the country to not only end period poverty but also to address menstruation education and stigma, and to ensure that people have access to healthcare resources, empowering a generation of unapologetic girls and women.


Love Your Menses is proud to offer various online trainings to help you learn more about menstruation and advance menstrual equity in your community. To enrol in one of our training, please scroll down and select an option.

"This was an amazing workshop and I just want to share it with so many others. This [workshop] was very informative for an adult like me but it also catered to younger people, better than the reproductive health education I ever got!"

- Workshop Attendee


Live Instruction

All of our learning sessions allow participants to not only learn from the instructors but learn from each other. During learning sessions, participants will be able to engage in meaningful conversations that will lead to better understanding, increased knowledge, and strengthened community relationships.


Tailored Content

We understand everyone's experience related to menstruation is different. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, or caregiver seeking more information on the physiology of the menstrual cycle to better support patients, or you are a father uncomfortable with talking about periods but interested in learning more and overcoming that discomfort, we have a specific course for you!


Resourceful Community

Once you enroll in one of our trainings, you will have unlimited access to resources (live and prerecorded Q&A's with medical and public health experts, downloadable infographics, menstrual product samples, etc.) to help you continue learning about menstruation as well as supporting youth and adults who menstruate.

Trainings We Offer

Understanding and 


Menstrual Health



For people interested in learning more about menstruation and promoting menstrual equity in their communities.

LYM Menstrual


Trainer's Workshop

For youth workers, students, health professionals, and other individuals interested in gaining skills and tangible resources to effectively lead menstrual education workshops and outreach initiatives nationally and globally

Men For Menstrual Equity (MFM)

For men interested in learning more about menstruation in order to support their child, partner, colleague, or friend.

My First Flow

For parents interested in gaining better communication skills to support their child throughout puberty as they experience menarche.

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