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Love Your Menses & Your Health, Inc


Health is the Real Wealth


Love Your Menses and Your Health is a branch of Love Your Menses, Inc. founded by Dr. Azumah in 2023 to address all things health for girls and their parents. The goal is to address the entire reproductive spectrum which includes Menarche, Antepartum and Postpartum needs, and Menopause. As leaders in the menstrual equity space, teaching and providing menstrual pads to menstruators. Dr. Azumah listened to the needs of the various communities served, who have urged LYM to expand their niche from menstrual education to women's and children’s Health with the goal of providing a comprehensive preventative space for girls, menstruators, and their mothers to thrive and to succeed.


With Dr. Azumah’s experience as a board-certified OB/GYN, Life Coach, and Public Health Professional, she took up the challenge and launched Love Your Menses and Your Health.


          This branch will focus on these programs and much more:

  1. Monthly Webinar with Sista Docs moderated by a Sista Doc, the conversation focuses on positive parenting, menstrual health, women’s health and children’s health

  2. Menopause Preparedness provides perimenopausal or menopausal women with the tools necessary to navigate this season of their lives

  3. Cancer Prevention

    1. Breast Cancer Awareness

    2. Cervical Cancer Awareness

    3. Colon Cancer Awareness

      1. LYM and Her Health are partnering with cancer experts to provide evidence-based information to the community

  4. Female Genital Mutilation Awareness and Prevention

  5. Postpartum Support and Education

  6. Childbirth Education and Support

  7. College Preparation for High School Students

    1. Sharing tips for overcoming Imposter Syndrome

    2. Overcoming Failure

    3. Tips for Succeeding in School

    4. Mentorship for future professionals in Allied Health.

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Join us again for another health-provoking webinar with Dr Azumah

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