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FlowTech4Girls is a STEAM program for Black and Brown girls ages 11-15 to learn about menstrual health and technology and gain hands-on experience creating safe and educational innovations and digital content for youth. This program provides young people with opportunities to gain technology experience (UX/UI design, fashion tech, etc.) and receive mentorship from professionals who work in public health, women's health, and technology.

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FlowTech4Girls© is a social and technology innovation program designed by Love Your Menses, Inc. to introduce *Black and Brown girls* ages 11-16 to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) activities, menstrual health education, civic engagement and mentorship.
​Each participant will have the opportunity to learn about the physiology of the menstrual cycle, public health, and period sustainability and the environment. They will also design, film and publish a public service announcement video for young girls to become more aware of a menstrual health issue,

and gain youth community organizing and leadership skills. They will also receive mentorship and collaboration from Black and Brown female professionals in technology, engineering, medicine, public health, and community organizing.

Cultural stigmas and lack of menstrual education can cause fear and shame globally for girls beginning their menstrual journey at menarche-occurrence of the first period. FlowTech4Girls participants will destigmatize menstrual health by creating a youth-focused PSA video to educate, inform, support, and empower *Black and Brown girls* throughout their adolescent menstrual journey.


*Open to all races, ethnicities, and gender identities*

Please register by clicking on the link to the intake form:  


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The Spring 2023 cohort was open to Boston area girls ages 11-14 and to our global youths in Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, and Nigeria who were interested in learning more about menstrual health and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). This program is being offered at no cost to participants. Weekly sessions were offered visually from March to June 2023. 

Here is the Impact Report

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A participant from Ghana listening intently

Our Flow App - Made with PosterMyWall (1).jpg

This App was "developed" by FlowTech4Girls Cohort 1 in 2021*

*This app is currently under re-construction

Pictures from the Scientific Conference

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