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S.E.W (Sustainable and Empowerment Workshop) is a program designed to empower people to learn about sustainable fashion and try and/or create custom reusable period products. Participants will learn the basics of hand sewing and create reusable period products, such as period underwear or reusable pads, the skills learned could be replicated for personal use as well as entrepreneurial endeavors in the future. Participants will also be able to try using reusable products on their period and share their experiences. 

Why S.E.W?

Love Your Menses, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment, wildlife, and all menstruators by promoting eco-friendly and sustainable period products that are safe for the human body and safe for the environment and all wildlife.


Did you know:

5.8 billion

tampons were purchased in the United States in 2018


is how much an individual is estimated to spend on period products in their lifetime

400+ years

for plastic to degrade, thus casuing harm to wildlife and the environment when disposed in landfills. 


chemicals in some menstrual products have been linked to cancer, reproductive diseases, and endocrine disruption.

Our Approach

We have designed a 3-part workshop series to: (1) educate people on the positive impact of using eco-friendly period products, (2) teach people the basics of hand sewing, (3) instruct individuals on designing and sewing their own reusable period products, such as period underwear and reusable pads, and (4) empower people to be agents of change in their communities by advocating for safer period products and menstrual hygiene education.

Environmental Health Education

We teach participants about how the products we use can have an impact on not only the environment but our health.

Youth Engagement

We provide an engaging and hands-on experience for participants and encourage youth voices throughout the planning and implementation of the program. 


Participants learn the basic of hand sewing, design, and create their own sustainable menstrual products. 


We are committed to working with communities to advocate for safe period products and menstrual hygiene education. 

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