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We are committed to breaking the period taboo and ensuring girls and young women have healthy menstrual cycles. We do this work through menstrual education workshops, community conversations, menstrual hygiene product distribution, and mentorship.  

Menstrual Hygiene

Product Distribution

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Love Your Menses has been distributing period care kits and postpartum care kits to individuals in need of menstrual products and positivity. Since April 25, we have assembled and distributed over 650 care kits across Massachusetts and Monrovia, Liberia. In Fall 2020, we will be expanding our reach to Detroit, Atlanta, Houston, New Orleans, Nigeria, and The Gambia. 

Birthing During COVID-19

The postpartum recovery period is the time when a mother recovers from the crucial changes that occurred to her body during the antenatal period to the delivery period. This time is very critical and necessary. Many moms are unable to positively recover because of financial constraints especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  

Love Your Menses, Inc. is pleased to collaborate with Bodily to distribute FREE Bodily postpartum care products to expecting and new mothers of colors in financial need living in Boston, MA and other cities across the U.S.

Love Your Menses Annual Empowerment Events

A safe, brave, and uplifting space for young menstruators and their support systems to learn about the menstrual cycle, share period stories, and connect with medical professionals. We were the first organization to host a period empowerment event for girls of color in Boston. 

Understanding and Embracing My Flow

Love Your Menses offers an 8-week menstrual health education program titled, "Understanding and Embracing My Flow" for girls ages 8-12 to learn about menstruation, embrace puberty, and to love their bodies. Workshops are led by women of color medical and public health professionals.

Some of the workshops include:

  • Understanding Your Flow (The physiology of the menstrual cycle)

  • Personal Hygiene and Self Care

  • Caring for "Down There" (Pubic Hair, Vaginal discharge & odors, etc.) 

  • How to manage period symptoms (cramps, bloating, fatigue, headaches)

  • Healthy conversations about menstruation 

Ambassador Program

The goal of the ambassador program is to provide hands-on training and professional opportunities for individuals with an interest in menstrual equity. The LYM ambassador will have the opportunity to receive menstrual health education, attend trainings and other professional development events, and implement menstrual equity initiatives in their communities on behalf of the Love Your Menses brand. 

Blacks and Allies For Global Health Equity (BAGHE)

Blacks and Allies For Global Health Equity is a platform for Black people and allies interested in creating global equity through dialog, brainstorming, innovation and technology for people living in low-resource communities.

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