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Promoting Menstrual Equity and 
Uplifting Girls and Women Worldwide Through Education, Resource Connection, and Mentorship!

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We are committed to ending period stigma and promoting menstrual equity through community conversations, health education, menstrual product distribution, STEM youth programming and mentorship.

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Girls, Women, and People Who Menstruate Through Menstrual Equity!


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Media Appearances


Boston 25 News

Bria Gadsden has been delivering hundreds of “Period Care Kits” for women with little or no access to feminine hygiene products during the pandemic.

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Adolescent girls and women of reproductive age have been urged to always speak out against all forms of stigmatisation regarding their menstrual periods while debunking the common taboos and myths surrounding menstruation.


The Scope Boston

Menstruation can be taboo, a source of pain and embarrassment for many young girls to talk about, but two women and their team at Love Your Menses want to break that stigma, and ensure girls and women have healthy menstrual cycles and embrace their periods.

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Women's Voices For The Earth

As we wrap up this year’s Environmenstrual Week, we asked Executive Director and co-founder of Love Your Menses, Bria Gadsden, a few questions about why she’s passionate about this work.