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A Menstrual Wellness App, Designed By And For Youth!

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Our Flow, Our Health


Our Flow

Our Flow is an educational menstrual wellness app that provides a fun, safe, and engaging space for girls to learn about the menstrual cycle.

Our Flow app is designed by Black and Brown youth in a social and technology innovation program powered by Love Your Menses.



It is well known that cultural stigmas and lack of menstrual education can cause fear and shame globally for girls beginning their menstrual journey at menarche-occurrence of the first period. Our Flow is a youth-focused technology platform designed to educate, inform, support, and empower Black and Brown girls throughout their adolescent menstrual journey. 

This App Features:



Our Menstrual University is a platform where users can learn about menstrual wellness. Some topics include: 

1. Anatomy 101

2. Stages Of Puberty

3. Using Period Products

4. Phases of the Menstrual Cycle



Our period tracker allows users to not only track their menstrual cycle but to track their lifestyle to see how their sleep, water intake, and nutrition affect their periods.

**We do not share or sell any of your information to third parties.**


Our period chat feature allows users to ask questions about the menstrual cycle and receive automated or live responses which are vetted by our team of medical experts.

**Disclaimer: We do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We only provide information for general educational purposes only.**

Chat Bot


Our Flow is everything I wanted when I was a 12 year old and got my period for the first time. I hope youth and parents/guardians use this app as a tool to understand the menstrual cycle and feel supported. 

Bria Gadsden, Co-Founder of Love Your Menses, Inc.

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