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Community Education

The Boston Mayor’s Office of Women’s Advancement (MOWA) launched a Menstrual Equity Pilot in partnership with the Boston Public Library to offer free organic menstrual pads and tampons along with a monthly menstrual education workshop from Love Your Menses Inc. Menstrual product dispensers are available at all female, male and gender neutral bathrooms at an initial six branches: Brighton, Codman Square, East Boston, North End, Mattapan, and Roxbury.


Understanding and Embracing Menstrual Health: A Community Collaboration in ending Period Poverty
by Love Your Menses, Inc

Mayor Michelle Wu (Boston)

Menstrual Equity Workshop

Come join us on November 7th 2023 @ 4:30 pm ET as Dernsta Darang, MPH, DrPH leads our next menstrual equity workshop at Codman Square Library

About Understanding and Embracing Menstrual Health: A Community Collaboration in Ending Period Poverty

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Love Your Menses seeks to create a world where menstruation is
celebrated, understood, and embraced without shame or stigma. Embarking on a journey of empowerment and education, we are redefining the conversation about periods, striving for a world
where every individual can embrace their menstrual experience with pride and confidence.
Through these dynamic workshops conducted in schools, community centers, and various public forums, we
prioritize educating individuals of all ages about menstrual health, hygiene, and emotional well-being.
Understanding and Embracing Menstrual Health workshops are designed to dispel myths, provide evidence-based information, and foster an
environment of open dialogue. 

Session 1: What is Period Poverty? Menstrual Equity and Puberty.

-We will discuss what is Period Poverty

-We will discuss what is Menstrual Equity


Session 2: How do I care for myself or care for those who menstruate? 

-Review Period Poverty, Menstrual Equity

- Quick review of Puberty

-Period product demonstration

-Period Wellness

-Management of Period pain.

Please contact us at if your community is ready for Menstrual Equity taught by Love Your Menses, Inc.


Branches & Schedule:

  • Codman Square - 1st Tuesday at 3pm ET

  • Mattapan - 1st Wednesday at 4pm ET

  • East Boston - 2nd Tuesday at 4:30pm ET

  • North End - 2nd Wednesday at 6pm ET

  • Brighton - 3rd Tuesday at 3pm ET

  • Roxbury - 3rd Wednesday at 4pm ET



Codman Square: Janice Knight, Branch Librarian 

Spanish, Haitian Creole, Vietnamese, Cabo Verdean Creole


  •  1st Tuesday of each month at 3pm


Mattapan: Maurice Gordon, Branch Librarian, 

Spanish, Haitian Creole


  •  1st Wednesday of each month at 4pm


East Boston: Margaret Kelly, Branch Librarian, 



  • 2nd Tuesday of the month at 4:30pm


North End: Catherine Halpin, Branch Librarian,


  •  2nd Wednesday of each month at 6pm


Brighton: Uma Murthy, Branch Librarian, 

Languages: Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese


  • Workshop: 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3pm


Roxbury: Allen Knight, Branch Librarian, 

Spanish, Haitian Creole, Cabo Verdean Creole


  • Workshop: 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4pm

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