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Unapologetically embracing aging

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Love Your Menopause is a program launched by LYM in 2023  on World Menopause Day to address the needs of black and brown perimenopausal and menopausal women. The goal of this program is to encourage women to embrace this phase of their lives unapologetically. To see this as a paradigm shift: a time to embrace health, happiness, and hope. A time to rediscover who we truly are and to become who we always hoped to become.

  During its pilot phase, most of the participants were happy to attend the workshops. 

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When we think of menopause, we think of a time to PAUSE and reflect on life's journey. We see menopause as a continuum in a woman's menstrual journey. The mission of LYM is to prepare women for this season and help them accept these changes. We hope each woman will continue to flow through life unapologetically


For those who are perimenopausal, we hope to empower them to live their lives informed and ready for this important stage of their life's journey. And for those in menopause, we hope you pause and embrace the changes as well, no matter how challenging it might be, YOU GAT THIS!

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