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About The Retreat


It is well known that cultural stigmas and lack of menstrual education can cause fear and shame for girls beginning their menstrual journey at menarche (occurrence of the first period). Furthermore, there are intergenerational households where parents and older relatives dealt with period stigma and experienced reproductive health conditions in silence. We understand how difficult it can be for parents/guardians to have conversations about reproductive health and support their daughter if they were never given the opportunity to understand & embrace their own menstrual flow.


We envision a world where talking about menstruation will no longer be taboo!


Love Your Menses’ Menstrual Wellness Retreat is a safe and healing space for girls and their mothers/guardians to rest, engage in meaningful dialogue about reproductive health, share period stories, build sisterhood, prioritize their wellness, and get access to the resources they need to

 flow through life, unapologetically! 

This retreat includes:

Menstrual Health Workshops 
Wellness Activities

Local Attractions
Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
Sister Circles
Youth and Adult Guest Speakers


Menstruation is more than monthly bleeding. It is truly a mind and body experience that requires much understanding, embracing, and loving - just like a girl's relationship with her mother or female caregiver. 


The 2022 theme for this year's retreat is Understanding, Embracing, and Loving.

A girl's relationship with her mother or female caregiver is one of the most powerful bonds that can affect future relationships. We understand not every relationship is perfect; however, with proper understanding (of oneself and others), embracing (of one's own experiences), and love (for oneself and others), relationships can be healthy and fulfilling.


At the end of our retreat, it is our hope adolescents and adults will have a better understanding of themselves and their relationships, embrace experiences that make them unique, and be committed to loving themselves and others. 

Retreat Locations

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Become A Sponsor

The value of our U.S-based retreats is $850 and international retreats is $2,050 per person which includes lodging, food, activities, giveaway items, and transportation. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, reproductive health injustices, trauma, and other factors have had a significant impact on adolescents' and adults' mental health. Our menstrual wellness retreat creates an intergenerational space for individuals to prioritize their mental health, reproductive health, and social wellness.


As a sponsor, your contribution will provide opportunities for underserved Black and Brown girls and women to build sisterhood, learn about menstrual health, and prioritize their wellness.

All contributions will go towards program expenses so the retreat can remain free of cost to participants.